EMD Diesel Engines

Wide power range from 1500 – 5000Hp

Electro-Motive Diesel(EMD) produces diesel power for marine propulsion, offshore platforms and stationary power generation, including Railroad locomotives.

The line of engines available in 8,12,16 and 20 cylinder 2 stroke 710 series, including the existing 645 series (parts only). The horsepower range from 1500-5000Hp.

More than half a century of engine design experience has made Electro motive Diesel (formerly known is Electro-Motive Division of General Motors GM) a leader in the development of 2 stroke diesel engines.

EMD is the only diesel engine manufacturer of its size to have more than 65,000 engines built. This success stems from product reliability, services ability, load acceptance capability, low operating costs and ease of maintenance with standardized components.

Kim Huat maintains a large inventory (In Singapore) of Genuine EMD spare parts for EMD 645 and 710 series including UTEX (unit Exchange Program) products such as Turbochargers, power packs, injectors, water pumps, Piston cooling pressure pumps and Scavenge LO/FO pumps.